Election Weekly from The Conversation UK

Political analysis by academic experts ahead of the UK election on June 8
Two academic experts join The Conversation's politics editor, Laura Hood to discuss the key election issues. We’ll of course be talking about Brexit, but we also want to get to grips with the kinds of issues you’d normally expect to hear about in an election, like the state of the economy and what each party has to say about immigration, the NHS and schools. We’ll keep you updated on who’s ahead in the polls. And we’ll also cut through the spin of what’s dominating the headlines.

Latest Episodes

The hidden messages of a party manifesto: Election Weekly podcast

The 2017 election campaign stepped up a gear this week as Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats all published their election manifestos. We saw the Lib Dems promising to legalise cannabis and hold a referendum on the final Brexit deal. Labour made some generous offerings for everyone except the very richest among us. As we discussed in last week’s episode, we already knew a lot about…

2 Hosts: Andrew Scott Crines and Ben Williams

Theresa’s bins and Jeremy’s leaks: Election Weekly podcast

A month ahead of polling day, the Labour party is scrambling to manage its message after someone leaked a draft version of its 2017 election manifesto, the day before a final version was to be agreed by the party's leadership. The draft includes pledges to scrap tuition fees and nationalise part of the energy market. The party also looks to be avoiding taking a hard line on immigration, despite pressure…

2 Hosts: Stuart McAnulla and Paula Keaveney

Crushing the opposition: is victory guaranteed for the Conservatives? Election Weekly podcast

In a brand new podcast we bring you expert analysis of the 2017 UK general election campaign. We’ll be with you right up until polling day on June 8, helping to cut through the noise to make this snap election as painless as possible. This episode takes a broad look at the parties and the options on the table for voters at this early stage in the campaign. The Conversation's politics editor, Laura…

2 Hosts: Andy Price and Matthew Cole

Election Weekly: a new podcast from The Conversation UK

On April 18, British prime minister Theresa May walked out onto the steps of 10 Downing Street and surprised the country by announcing a snap general election, to take place in a matter of weeks. Just two years after the last election and less than a year after the EU referendum, British voters are to head to the polls once more. This after May had repeatedly insisted that she would not call a vote…

1 Host: Laura Hood

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