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Giving, or contributing, beyond ourselves is one of the strongest predictors of happiness and health. Shutterstock/Nikki Zalewski

Happy? Consider how giving builds a life of meaning

A philosophy based on giving of ourselves to others may help us live more meaningful and fulfilling lives, while helping to bridge the extremes of our emotions and beliefs.
Australian moral philosopher Peter Singer is a strong advocate of effective altruism, and has written a book on the movement called The Most Good You Can Do. Birkbeck Media Services/flickr

Speaking with: Peter Singer on effective altruism

Australians donate around A$2.4 billion to charity each year, but how many lives does that impact? Effective altruism is a social movement focused on maximising the impact of your donated time and money.
Intuitive processes may underlie decisions of those who help others while risking their own lives. AAresTT/Shutterstock

‘Extreme altruists’ motivated by gut instinct: study

If you noticed a person in grave danger would you act first and think later in order to save them? New research suggests…
Prior to Hamilton’s rule, biologists puzzled over how cooperative behaviours evolved. Christian Collins/Flickr

Origins of altruism: why Hamilton still rules 50 years on

Fifty years ago this month, evolutionary biologist William Donald Hamilton published a solution to one of biology’s most enduring mysteries: why does altruism exist? Altruistic behaviours are those where…

Compassion can be taught

According to a study by The University of Wisconsin-Madison, adults can be taught to be more compassionate for others. A…

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