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The Human Rights Commission has recommended gender diversity targets to increase female representation in the Australian Defence Force. AAP

Human Rights Commission recommends quotas to encourage women in defence

Gender diversity targets are required to ensure women have the same opportunities as men in the Australian Defence Force…
The military court system in Australia has gone through many ups and downs with more to come. AAP Image/Australian Department of Defence

The new Australian Military Court: a fair go for defence force personnel?

Last week, the Commonwealth Attorney-General Nicola Roxon introduced a bill establishing the Australian Military Court as a constitutional court. If the bill passes, it will bring Australia into line with…
Does Australia really need 12 Joint Strike Fighters? U.S. Air Force/Staff Sgt. Joely Santiago

Preparing for peace: it’s time to rethink defence spending

The most interesting question relating to the cuts in defence spending announced in the budget is whether they signify the early stages of rethinking security strategy. Of course they should, because there…
Australian troops search locals in Gizab, Oruzgan province, before attending an assembly to discuss the removal of the Taliban from their town. AAP/Australian Defence Force

Australia could be out of Afghanistan in 12 months

Australia could end combat and training operations in Afghanistan and withdraw most of its troops by the middle of next year…

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