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People don’t evaluate government policies through mathematical models or with long-term goals in mind. AAP/ Glenn Hunt

Treasury memo misses the real impact of Labor’s negative gearing policy

Treasury modelling suggests that limiting negative gearing will lead to small change in prices. But behavioural economics shows it all depends on how the policy is framed.
Experimenting with bubbles. Flickr/Indigo Skies Photography

Brain scans could be used to predict financial bubbles

Some shares have new owners every second. Today much of the buying and selling is done by computers, but some still rely…
London trader Alessio Rastani has told the BBC he “dreamed” of recession. But traders often don’t know how they’ll react to losses. YouTube

‘Dreaming’ of recession: what to make of market makers and their noise?

Trading in financial securities has sometimes been regarded as a “black box”. This is particularly the case in markets where there is increased uncertainty. The current world economy is a prime candidate…

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