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The Greens are the party of climate action - but do they embrace enough technologies to get there? AAP Image/Julian Smith

Are the Greens really the climate radicals we need?

The Greens have successfully cast themselves as the party of climate science. But to hit their climate goals they may need to become even more radical, by embracing technologies like nuclear power.
A shifting focus of climate activists: leaving fossil fuel reserves in the ground. Susan Melkisethian/flickr

New climate activist strategy gains steam this election season

Climate activists are shaping the political debate with a revised strategy that focuses on the environmental risks of fracking for oil and natural gas.
Hearing it from supporters: attendee at Clinton rally in New Hampshire expresses opposition to Keystone pipeline. Brian Synder/Reuters

Clinton stance on XL Pipeline reflects muscle of climate activists

Hillary Clinton's opposition to construction of the Keystone pipeline has little effect in the short term but reflects building "supply side" strategy of environmentalists to limit fossil fuel development.

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