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Right twice a day - but not this time. Steve Parsons/PA

The Daily Mail’s petition gets international aid wrong

The Daily Mail has launched a petition which strongly urges prime minister David Cameron to “divert some of the £11 billion a year spent on overseas aid to ease the suffering of British flood victims…
At least they’re not bigging up the Nazis again … Akshat Rathi

Daily Mail attack on Miliband’s father is hardly a new low

The Daily Mail’s now infamous essay described Ed Miliband’s father, Ralph, the socialist academic who died in 1994, as “the man who hated Britain”. That, normally, would have been that. It’s hardly news…
Time for today’s Paris Hilton story. Alex Muller

Sidebar of blame: why we are addicted to Mail Online

The first annual “Don’t Read the Daily Mail” day was held recently, organised by @DMReporter, a twitter feed that critiques the paper every day. The organisers announced the day of action because, even…

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