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Committing to open data goes beyond government charters. opensourceway

Can the G8 Open Data Charter deliver real transparency?

Last week G8 leaders signed up to an Open Data Charter, calling for government datasets to be “open data by default”. Open data has risen up the government agenda in the UK over the last three years, with…
A grand narrative is more important than bloodlust. jit

Gamers want epic tales, not just violent short-cuts

Battlefield 3, a video game developed by Electronic Arts (EA), has caused a stir. The debate of violence in computer games has become not just a regulatory issue but a political one too. Perhaps understanding…
You are what you eat off. Smart design is being developed now Aestheticodes

Small businesses could save reputation of digital services

The recently published Information Economy Strategy is a welcome recognition of the increasing importance of digital in all aspects of the economy and a call to action to bolster skills and infrastructure…
“Quick and dirty” or “slow but consistent”? The policies are now on the table. Dan Peled/AAP Image

A tale of two NBNs: the Coalition’s broadband policy explained

Today in Australia, the Coalition released its policy on the National Broadband Network (NBN). So what is the proposal? Amid rhetoric claiming Labor government inefficiency, cost blowouts and failure to…
Companies want you in their “ecosystem” – make no mistake – so should governments offer more protection? TF28 ❘

Smash the machine: digital monopolies have trapped you

The business model of many modern technology companies is to lure people into digital monopolies (or what are sometimes called “ecosystems”) from whence ridiculous profits can be gouged. You see, the internet…
What does 3D printing mean for Australian copyright law? Wikipedia Commons

Creation and copyright law: the case of 3D printing

The Australian Law Reform Commission is conducting an inquiry into copyright law and the digital economy in 2012 and 2013.The President, Rosalind Croucher, stated: “While the Copyright Act has been amended…
Consumers have options if they want to avoid the feeling of being out of tune with world prices. Edson Motoki

Cheaper hardware, software and digital downloads? Here’s how

Australians are paying about twice as much as they should for a range of tech products including computers, software and digital downloads. It’s time for the government to act to bring this shameful situation…
Access to the internet is becoming less of a problem - but does society have the structures to support free exchange of information? Howard Stateman

Challenge 6: Switching on to the politics of the digital era

In part six of our multi-disciplinary Millennium Project series, Jake Wallis argues that the infrastructure of global communication networks is inherently political and calls for a switched-on populace…
Fabric and leather wallets are so early 21st century. PrettyCoolShops

Digital economy: why tech firms want a piece of your wallet

Banks, financial institutions and now internet service providers such as Google are falling over each other to gain a share of your wallet – your digital wallet to be precise. Of course, not all of us…
The NBN promises to be way more than a technology side-show. Theophilos

The NBN and cloud computing … a marriage made in heaven?

Now that the hoopla associated with the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) has died down somewhat, I’d like to discuss one of the significant opportunities by drawing a line between the NBN and…

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