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It’s not an allergic reaction to the fish itself, so there is no need to avoid scombridae fish species such as mahi-mahi. Chewy Chua Flickr

Explainer: what is scombroid fish poisoning?

Preliminary autopsy results have revealed the tragic deaths of Queensland woman Noelene Bishcoff and her daughter Yvana in Bali last month were likely caused by scombroid fish poisoning. Though not common…
A shift towards fresh food and improved consumer protections in China provides opportunities and threats for Australian food producers. dcmaster/Flickr

SPC Ardmona and the cheap Chinese food challenge

The political lobbying accompanying the government decision to withhold financial support from SPC Ardmona has overshadowed the big structural issues facing Australia’s preserved food industry. The two…
It can be exhausting to come up with tasty treats every day. Image from

Tips for taking the pain out of packing school lunch boxes

School starts across most of Australia this week, so parents and carers are breaking out the lunch boxes once again. For some, preparing food that kids will want to eat can become something of a dreaded…
Many people continue to worry about unexpected changes to food when it is genetically engineered. asian farmer/Flickr

Frankenfood or crops of the future? Gaps in the perception of GM food safety

Humans have always faced tricky safety problems with food because we eat plants, which are the most ingenious pesticide chemists on the planet. Plants produce an amazing panoply of chemicals to deter animals…

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