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Wilkie: The poker machine reforms are the “best we can get in the current circumstances”. AAP/Lukas Coch

Wilkie gives reluctant support to weaker pokie reforms

Watered-down poker machine reforms designed to protect problem gamblers will go ahead after Tasmanian Independent MP Andrew…
Apart from minor changes, action has been delayed until 2017. OctopusHat

Pokies reforms explained: how good intentions were derailed

Tension around pokies reform came to a head on Saturday when Prime Minister Julia Gillard broke her agreement with independent Tasmanian MHR Andrew Wilkie to implement timely reforms to address problem…
Andrew Wilkie must decide whether to walk away from the Gillard government. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Gillard’s pokie rethink shows weakness while Wilkie wavers

As speculation about Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s commitment to gambling reform grows, Tasmanian independent Andrew Wilkie is weighing up the pros and cons of a compromise deal with the government. Wilkie…
The Coalition’s gambling paper proposes voluntary pre-commitment but misrepresents the evidence.

How about a pre-commitment to truth in the pokies debate?

The Coalition last week released its Policy Discussion Paper on Gambling Reform, rejecting the government’s mandatory pre-commitment scheme on poker machines as a measure to reduce problem gambling. Topping…
Less than half the respondents polled by ANU thought that gambling activities are advertised responsibly. Flickr/Jeff Kubina

Almost 75% support gambling pre-commitment rules: poll

Nearly three quarters of those surveyed in a new poll support gambling pre-commitment rules, a policy the Australian government…
Betting can be fun, but it’s not worth losing your shirt over. William West/AFP

Gambling in Australian culture: more than just a day at the races

GAMBLING IN AUSTRALIA – The idea that Australians love to gamble is so firmly established that we rarely pause to question it. This is true whether we picture Chinese and British “diggers” passing time…
Gambling harms extend beyond those with the gambling problem, the signatories to the letter argue. AAP

Public health experts support pokies reforms

A number of public health experts have written a letter to the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Parlimentarians in support of the mandatory pre-commitment system for poker machines. The signatories…

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