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Isla Vista spree killer Elliot Rodger wrote in a chilling ‘manifesto’ that he was going to kill all the blonde and beautiful girls because they had rejected him sexually. EPA/Michael Nelson

Elliot Rodger: when sexual rejection turns deadly

So far, much of the media response to the spree killing that took place in Isla Vista, California, late last week has focused on the sole perpetrator of the attacks, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger. His rantings…
The responsibility to prevent unwanted sexual attention in licensed venues lies with everyone. Adam Radosavljevic/Shutterstock

Sexual violence in pubs and clubs: just a normal night out?

Unwanted sexual behaviour is becoming a normal part of a night out for women, with many reporting they experience anything from comments to groping and sexual assault. Sexual violation of the kind reported…
The UN has singled out Iran for discrimination against women, so why is it elected to the main UN body dedicated to gender equality? EPA/Stefan Zaklin

Having Iran as its standard-bearer for women’s rights discredits UN

In March, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reported to the General Assembly on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ban expressed concern that women in Iran “are subject to discrimination…
Wurst embraces a wide spectrum of individuals who recognise their own gender performance as imperfect. Georg Hochmuth/EPA

Conchita Wurst’s Eurovision win and the power of performance

Four songs in to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night, six Icelandic men in a band called Pollapönk took to the stage dressed in fluorescent suits and declared to an ecstatic house…
Despite the increasing prominence of women’s sport, the number of women in leadership positions in professional sport is still low. Why? AAP/Joe Castro

What’s holding back women from leadership roles in Australian sport?

Recently, it was reported that the AFL, the Australian Sports Commission and the Richmond Football Club have jointly funded research to “investigate the real and perceived blocks to women reaching the…
Zimbabweans wait to vote in last year’s referendum that approved a new constitution providing for gender equality in political representation. EPA/Aaron Ufumeli

Women keep democracy’s heart beating in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe

Democracy in Zimbabwe is a troubled creature. Yet Zimbabwean women are leading the way with a democratic agenda that offers inspiration, instruction and, indeed, a critique for Australian democracy. Oxfam’s…
Without data, we don’t know the actual size of sex and gender diverse populations. AAP Image/Daniel Munoz

Norrie’s gender win brings us closer to knowing who we are

The landmark ruling this week by the High Court – that the New South Wales Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages must recognise a third category of non-specific sex in addition to male and female – represents…
Progress on fair gender representation in judicial appointments has been slow. AAP/Michael Milnes

‘Missing’ female judges all but invisible in Queensland row

Queenslanders have been subjected to a barrage of media coverage of state attorney-general Jarrod Bleijie going public with a private conversation he had with the President of the Court of Appeal, Margaret…
The high court has ruled that New South Wales must allow Norrie to legally identify as having a non-specific gender. AAP/Daniel Munoz

Why Norrie’s court victory is a leap forward for everyone

Have you ever asked yourself why institutions continue to demand that we identify ourselves as male or female on every form? What difference does gender make to my bank account, to the tax office, or to…
Is there anything to prove the argument that results improve when genders are separated?

Single-sex schooling relies on myths of higher achievement

In many countries including Australia, gender-segregated instruction is common. Differing structures of single-sex education are offered in both independent and state schools, because it is believed to…
Violence against women cuts across cultural and socioeconomic divides, but certain aspects of class do have a bearing on developing effective strategies of prevention. buttet/Shutterstock

Gender, culture and class collude in violence against women

The Conversation is running a series, Class in Australia, to identify, illuminate and debate its many manifestations. Here, Anastasia Powell considers the role of class in the complex of contributing factors…

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