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For some parents, the decision to vaccinate requires more than just objective evidence. rocketboom/flickr

Australians’ attitudes to vaccination are more complex than a simple ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ label

Whilst most parents do vaccinate, health professionals often find it difficult to talk with those who are hesitant or decline. A new resource provides information and communication support.
Not irrational, but serious trust issues. Listening by Shutterstock

Throwing science at anti-vaxxers just makes them more hardline

Since the uptick in outbreaks of measles in the US, those arguing for the right not to vaccinate their children have come under increasing scrutiny. There is no journal of “anti-vax psychology” reporting…
A new oral drug could help reduce the spread of measles. Destinys Agent/Flickr

Scientists hold hope for new measles drug

A new oral antiviral drug may be a future tool in the global fight against measles, according to a new international study…
Many adults missed out on vaccines that are routinely given to children today. Shutterstock

Health Check: when do adults need to be immunised?

Most of us will receive the majority of our vaccinations in childhood. But Australian adults still die and become disabled from vaccine-preventable diseases. Immunisations are therefore an important preventive…
Despite the availability of a safe, effective vaccine, measles outbreaks continue to occur throughout the world. CDC/Wikimedia Commons

Measles outbreaks show the illness is down, but not yet out

New South Wales has become the latest Australian state to issue an alert about a measles outbreak, joining Victoria and Queensland. Queensland’s chief health officer has even written directly to parents…
Mind the gap: Japanese school girls were covered but not the boys. Flickr/thecrypt

Vaccination gaps led to rubella outbreaks in Japan and Poland

Recent rubella outbreaks in Japan and Poland are the clearest evidence possible that herd immunity matters. There are many reasons why people don’t get vaccinated for totally preventable diseases such…
Too much urging can backfire and entrench some parents’ opposition to vaccination. Flickr/skippytpe

Parents’ decisions about vaccination and the art of gentle persuasion

Dr Seuss’ book Green Eggs and Ham is built around the urgings of a weird creature, Sam I Am, who insists the narrator eat the food of its title. When the narrator refuses, Sam issues an ever-widening range…
There is no truth to claims that immunisations cause autism, brain damage or sudden infant death syndrome. theloushe

Monday’s medical myth: childhood vaccinations are dangerous

When I was an infant I had whooping cough and was ill for three months. I don’t remember it, of course, but I know it was very distressing for my parents. I do remember later trips with my researcher father…
AVN spokesperson Meryl Dorey’s message contradicts the position of several Woodford Folk Festival sponsors. AAP

Meryl Dorey at Woodford Folk Festival: a hazard to your child’s health?

This year’s bill of speakers at the Woodford Folk Festival features anti-vaccine lobbyist Meryl Dorey, spokesperson for the Northern New South Wales-based Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), and purveyor…
There’s a temporal link between autism being diagnosed and children getting several vaccinations. nealeanddalissa/Flickr

Muddied waters: setting the record straight about MMR vaccinations and autism

The lack of scientific literacy in the media causes much harm to public understanding of the role and importance of vaccines. The latest instance revives the same old fears using the same formula that…
Chiropractors may be good at what they do but immunisation is not their field. Planetc1/Flickr

Having a crack: what do chiropractors know about vaccinations?

The publication by Australian Doctor of a controversial public lecture given earlier this year by Sydney chiropractor, Nimrod Weiner, has created a flurry of criticism about the lecture, particularly regarding…

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