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Watching bacteria and viruses duke it out, evolving to outwit each other. UC San Diego

Discovery of a surprise multitasking gene helps explain how new functions and features evolve

A core idea in molecular biology is that one gene codes for one protein. Now biologists have found an example of a gene that yields two forms of a protein – enabling it to evolve new functionality.
Laboratory mice are among the first animals to have their diseases treated by CRISPR. tiburi via

CRISPR controversy raises questions about gene-editing technique

A new research paper reports dangerous side effects in CRISPR-edited mice. Some scientists are pushing back, placing blame for the unwanted mutations on the experiment, not the technique.
Tick tock, tick tock… You can’t hide from the molecular clock.

Explainer: what is the molecular clock?

The molecular clock is helping us deepen our knowledge of evolution and completing the tree of life. But how does it actually work?

Vibrations enhance spinach photosynthesis

Molecular vibrations play an important part in enhancing photosynthesis, researchers from the University of Michigan have…
Finding a tasty strawberry can be a bit of a lucky dip at times, but now the tasty gene’s identified it may be easier to consistently get satisfying strawberries. JD Hancock/Flickr

Genetics link found in search for sweet strawberries

If you’ve ever bitten into a strawberry and wondered why it doesn’t taste as sweet or as good as others in the punnet, you…
Jerry Adams to receive top award for cancer research. Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Cancer researcher to get top honour in awards

One of Australia’s leading experts on cancer therapy at a molecular level is to receive a top research honour by the Australian…

Plants’ survival alarm system

Plants respond to environmental stresses by activating a molecular alarm system according to research conducted by Iowa State…
The genes responsible for the cell’s cargo delivery system were found in a strain of yeast used for baking and brewing. Image from

Bread, beer and botox: the science behind the 2013 Nobel Prize for medicine

What do bread, beer and botox have in common with this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine? More than you might think. But more on that in a minute. The 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine…
Maybe we’re not as different as we’d like to think. pcgn7

Talk it over: language, uniquely, makes us human

We humans tend to consider ourselves apart from other species. But we’re not really so different. So what makes us unique? I’d say it’s language, though not everyone would agree. Some people insist it’s…
We’re all familiar with the double helix structure so vital to life, but DNA can take other forms. ctbroek/Flickr

Explainer: quadruple-helix DNA

DNA has been called many things: the king of molecules, the blueprint of life, and less excitingly but perhaps more accurately, the genetic code. DNA’s double helix, discovered in 1953 by James Watson…

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