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However hi-tech the world has become, it still rests on copper cable. zhangyang13576997233/Shutterstock

To avoid confusion and rising anger, let’s abolish line rental

Telephone companies have yet again announced inflation-busting increases in telephone line rental charges. Why, in a world that is increasingly mobile-first – or even mobile-only – are we still paying…
STV counts down to Scotland’s first new local channel. Andrew Milligan

If local TV fails in Glasgow, it’s unlikely to succeed anywhere

At 6.30pm tonight, Scotland will lay down a milestone in one of the key debates in television: will local television become a successful and profitable part of the UK’s media scene or remain one politician’s…
Giving offence: Theresa May questioned whether BBC, ITV or Channel 4 should have interviewed Anjem Choudary. Darkroom Productions via Creative Commons

Are broadcasters being pressured over Choudary?

The news that Ofcom is investigating whether three interviews with the radical Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary after the Woolwich murder broke the Broadcasting Code has highlighted again the debate about…

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