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Cramming does’t help you retain information, so the effect of a long night on the books may not be for much. from

Revising for exams - why cramming the night before rarely works

An intense night of study won't help you remember information in the long-term – and the stress of revising under pressure will likely impact on your sleep and thus your exam performance.
‘Pretend I’m not here’.

Why do we find it so hard to write about ourselves?

If you’ve ever applied for a job, you know how hard it is to write the perfect cover letter that will make you stand out above all the other applicants. It’s a competitive job market, and more often than…
Mundane tasks suddenly become more appealing when a deadline looms. Jess McCulloch

Putting it off: some ideas about why we procrastinate

Everyone procrastinates. I became somewhat distracted by completely irrelevant websites, for instance, while preparing to write this article. Procrastination, as you may have figured out by now, is the…

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