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Barriers to migrants’ healthcare access must be lowered. US Navy

Marginalised and poor, migrants are TB’s primary victims

For many people in the UK, tuberculosis is a disease that’s been out of sight, out of mind for a number of years. Although it is low and middle-income countries that bear the burden of TB-related sickness…
Nearly 60% of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis’ global burden occurs in the Asia-Pacific region. DFAT Photo Library/ Flickr

Time to turn back the tide of drug-resistant tuberculosis

Tuberculosis, or consumption as it used to be known, sounds like a disease that we’ve managed to fight off for good. But a drug-resistant strain of the bacteria that causes it is making a comeback, and…
A Treaty Protection Zone allows Papua New Guinea inhabitants and Australian nationals to mix freely on the outer Torres Strait islands. Cam Pervan

Drug-resistant tuberculosis in PNG and Torres Strait islands

Most Australians hear only periodic news items about outbreaks of tuberculosis, but globally the disease remains a top killer. And the emergence of drug-resistant strains pose a major challenge to tuberculosis…

TB bacteria blocks immune cell production

The tuberculosis bacteria has a unique molecule on its surface that blocks a key part of the body’s defense. Research suggests…

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