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Can the Republican party get behind Mitt Romney despite the misgivings of the base? AAP/Michael Reynolds

South Carolina primary: can a divided Republican house unite around Romney?

By rights, Mitt Romney should be on the ropes. In the years leading up to the Republican presidential primaries, he supported small-l liberal positions on anything from abortion and gun control to climate…
Mitt Romney’s team hopes that his rivals will turn on each other in the next few weeks. AAP

Romney’s divide and conquer strategy hinges on healthy competition

In the aftermath of the New Hampshire Republican primary, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has gone a long way towards securing the nomination. To be sure, he faces continued challenges from an…
Senator for South Australia Cory Bernardi has attracted controversy with some of his right wing views.

In Conversation: Senator Cory Bernardi

Welcome to our In Conversation between Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi and Dr Timothy Lynch, lecturer in American politics at Melbourne University. Since being appointed to the Senate in 2006, the Senator…
The Palestinian delegation to UNESCO await the outcome of the vote on membership. AAP

Palestine vote: America the loser as it withdraws funding from UNESCO

The United States announced last Monday that it would refuse to pay its 2011 funding commitment to the United Nations’ lead cultural and educational body following that organisation’s decision to admit…
Governor Chris Christie (far left) with President Obama at a 9/11 memorial service. AAP

A weighty issue for the USA: can a fat man be president?

Of all the many health-related, stamina-centred, role-model unworthy criticisms of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joining the Republican 2012 hopefuls, the most perplexing are allegations of his lack…
The Cronulla riots saw ugly attacks on people of “Middle Eastern appearance”. AAP

9/11 anniversary: reflections on the ripple-down effect

It’s about that moment; if you’re old enough it’s the indelible memory of JFK being shot. As a teenager I was listening to the car radio when I heard. For Gen X it’s 9/11, the midnight phonecalls, the…
Karl Rove was never far from President George W Bush’s side. AFP/Stephen Jaffe

Spinning it: the power and influence of the government advisor

MEDIA & DEMOCRACY: Today, Anne Tiernan looks at how voters have become consumers of political marketing, as part of The Conversation’s week-long series on how the media influences the way our representatives…
Minnesota’s three-week shutdown saw basic government services stripped back. Flickr/mngop

Minnesota shutdown broadens the blue-red chasm in US politics

Minnesotans have breathed a sigh of relief after the state’s Republican-led legislature signed off on a budget deal negotiated with Democratic Governor Mark Dayton, ending a three-week state government…

Place your bets now: Obama win in 2012?

Barack Obama has a 57.2% chance of being re-elected President of the United States next year, according to punters betting…

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