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A reduction over the years in rider deaths in horse racing means further tragedies could be prevented. Flickr/Tsutomu Takasu

We need to prevent further jockey deaths in horse racing

Horse racing claimed the lives of three jockeys recently – two in Australia and one in the United States – and some prominent industry professionals have openly claimed that deaths in racing are part of…
The last lifeboat successfully launched from the RMS Titanic. National Archives

Another Titanic change is needed to save more lives at sea

How has our approach to saving lives at sea changed since the tragedy of the RMS Titanic in which 1,523 of the 2,228 people she was carrying died a century ago? Surprisingly, not much. Only this April…
Grangemouth refinery: keeping the home fire burning. Andrew MillJigan/PA

After Quebec, what’s the future for Keystone XL?

The runaway train of 73 oil tankers that derailed and exploded in the small town of Lac-Megantic in Quebec, Canada last week left 15 dead, around 50 missing, and shows how dangerous transporting oil can…

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Quad bike deaths could be avoided

Simple measures could prevent many quad bike deaths and injuries, research shows. Two papers from the University of Sydney…