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Radioactive material threatens farms in Japan

Soil from eastern Fukushima and some neighboring areas has levels of Cesium-137 above safe levels for human consumption…
Rain is encouraging kangaroos to breed, and making farmers nervous. Wombalano

It’s raining kangaroos: the ups and downs of kangaroo management

Spokespeople for the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia and some other pastoralist organisations, are warning that in the current land of “flooding rain”, landholders will be overwhelmed by burgeoning…
First step: address under-investment in agricultural research and development. AAP

How can CHOGM start a Green Revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa?

CHOGM: As the leaders of Commonwealth nations meet in Perth, The Conversation is examining the role of the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) Meeting. Daniel Rodriguez from the University…
Beef processing contributed to Cargill’s $US2.7 billion in earnings this year. AAP

The most powerful companies you’ve never heard of: Cargill

Welcome to “The most powerful companies you’ve never heard of” – an ongoing series from The Conversation that sheds light on big companies with low profiles. Today, The University of Queensland’s Clive…
Canola is one of two GM crops approved in Australia. Ngarkat

Busting the GM myths: a view from Greenpeace

The Conversation recently published an article looking at the myths about genetic modification. This article is a rejoinder to that piece, and a contribution to the ongoing debate about whether there is…
Iron-rich rice helps feed the poor: could we do it without patenting? Jane Rawson

Will patenting crops help feed the hungry?

Rice is the primary source of food for roughly half the world’s population. But it falls well short of providing enough iron, zinc and pro-vitamin A to meet daily nutritional requirements. Iron deficiency…

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