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Budget airlines are helping Southend airport compete. Chris Radburn/PA

A multi-airport system works for London and the UK

One of the key issues behind the recent debate over UK airports is the unwieldy dominance of Heathrow, both within London and across the whole nation. But the little guys are fighting back. Using a variety…
CEO Rob Sharp will preside over a leaner Tigerair, now under the wing of Virgin Australia. AAP

Virgin’s takeover ensures Tiger is no longer toothless

The corporate regulator’s approval of Virgin Australia’s 60% stake in fledgling low-cost carrier Tigerair (formerly known as Tiger Airways) marks the Australian aviation industry’s return to an effective…
Will the Qantas-Emirates alliance restore the beleaguered Australian airline back to profitability? AAP

The Qantas-Emirates alliance: a flight path to future growth?

Today, Alan Joyce has announced that Qantas and Emirates have struck a joint venture alliance for the next 10 years. As a result, Qantas will be taking its passengers to Europe through Dubai, instead of…
Virgin Australia chief John Borghetti is pleased with the airline’s share of the corporate market, but experts say capacity is a bigger problem. AAP

Virgin courts corporate travellers, but cheaper airfares on the way

Virgin Australia’s full-year profit of $22.8 million masks the ongoing challenges facing the airline as it chases a bigger…
Qantas management have taken a risky approach to end their dispute with unions. AFP/William West

Planes set to fly again - but what now for Qantas?

Qantas planes are set to return to the air today after Fairwork Australia ruled to terminate an industrial dispute that grounded the airline over the weekend. The extraordinary action on Saturday by Qantas…
qantas. AAP

What the Qantas shakeup means: expert analysis

Qantas has announced a sweeping review of its business that will include a new Asian premium airline, a new Japan-based low-cost carrier, a fleet overhaul and up to 1,000 job losses. Under the plans, Qantas…
Tiger’s low-cost model just hasn’t worked in Australia. AAP

We’ll pay more, even if Tiger returns to the skies

The grounding of Tiger Airways over the weekend underlines the difficulties of the airline business. The global airline industry has consistently failed to generate an adequate return on capital, even…
A QANTAS A380 Airbus, one of the last international flights to depart Sydney International Airport shortly before a 3pm suspension of flights in Sydney on Tuesday. AAP

Explainer: Why can’t planes fly through volcanic ash?

A volcanic ash cloud produced by Chile’s Puyehue volcanic eruption has circumnavigated the globe and floated over Australia twice, disrupting flights and leaving over 120,000 passengers stranded. The Conversation…
Tiger Airways needs to better understand the maturity of the Australian aviation market. AAP

Why Tiger Airways’ future in Australia is under a cloud

Tiger Airways chief Tony Davis’ decision to sell 1 million of his own shares in the company last week didn’t send the best message about his prognosis for the budget airline’s future in Australia. While…
Qantas chief Alan Joyce could learn much from US-based Southwest Airlines. AAP

How Qantas can take the heat out of its union disputes

The looming confrontation between Qantas and its pilots, engineers and baggage handlers could easily become Australia’s most dramatic industrial conflict since the waterfront dispute of 1998. But it seems…

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