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Not nuts about nuts? Neither is your bank account. Macinate

Food allergies cost families more than peanuts

Across Europe and the US, the cost of treating food allergies is incredibly high. The reasons remain unclear but rates of food allergies in the UK have risen sharply in the past 20 years and hospital admissions…
Unless you’re allergic to cow’s milk, dairy products are unlikely to cause or exacerbate asthma. Image from

Monday’s medical myth: dairy products exacerbate asthma

Dairy products are good for the bones, so we’re encouraged to have regular serves of (reduced-fat) milk cheese and yogurt. But can they make asthma and allergies worse? Asthma is a respiratory condition…
There is no evidence to support the claim that eating peanuts or peanut butter during pregnancy will make your child allergic to peanuts. Image from

Monday’s medical myth: peanuts in pregnancy cause allergies

Anyone else have the feeling something radical has happened with peanut allergy in the past 30 years? I don’t recall knowing anyone allergic to peanuts or peanut butter as a child in the 1980s, yet today…
Early exposure to siblings and dogs may help to train the developing immune system. Flickr/henry...

Infants with siblings and pets less likely to develop allergies

Having older siblings and a dog that lives in the home could reduce the likelihood of infants developing egg allergies, according to a new study published in the latest edition of the journal Allergy…
There are numerous allergic causes of hayfever symptoms in cities, including grasses in local parks. Mislav Marohnić

Plane trees getting on your nose? The truth about hay fever

Spring brings with it hay fever and red eyes for many inner-city residents and in absence of fields of flowering grasses, people turn their attention to other possible causes. The most suspicious candidate…
Seasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (or pollinosis in Europe) is one of the most common chronic respiratory conditions seen in medical practice. Marco Raaphorst

Achew! It’s hayfever season again

Spring and summer are accompanied for many with the much less welcome start of another bout of “hayfever”. A term originating in England, “hayfever” arose out of the popular belief that the ailment was…

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Hay fever may be a good sign

Seasonal allergies such as hay fever may be a sign that your immune system is doing its job. “Type 2 immunity”, which battles…

Allergen in lip balm causes chapped lips

A popular pawpaw-based lip balm contains an undeclared allergen that can cause lips to become severely chapped, dermatologists…