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Tony Abbott’s focus on Asia early in his term in office signifies that the so-called ‘Asian century’ - and Australia’s role in it - is far from over. EPA/Mast Irham

Abbott government may have new rhetoric, but it’s still the ‘Asian century’

It is barely a decade old, but some pundits are already declaring the end of the “Asian century”. The Abbott government appeared ready to bury it after the recent archiving of the Gillard government’s…
The most Asia-literate teachers were those who had had experienced
some form of extended cultural exchange in an
Asian country, the research found.
AAP Image/Dan Peled

Create more Asia study opportunities for teachers: report

Asia knowledge should be included in all initial teacher education, according to a new report released today that also called…
Indonesia and Australia ace many similar challenges, such as intense flooding. AAP/Bagus Indahono

Going local in our relationship with Indonesia

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman does not often make it into the Indonesian press, but he did in reports on the Queensland floods. These reports shared news space with coverage of the even more devastating…
With a growing economy and closer links to China, Taiwan offers great potential for Australian trade and investment. AAP

Opportunities abound for Australia in Taiwan

As noted by the Prime Minister’s White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century, managing the opportunities presented by the profound changes underway in the Asia‑Pacific is a major challenge for all regional…
The role of politicians and public servants are blurred in countries such as China, which announced its new leadership last week. EPA/Adrian Bradshaw

Looking to Asia to reform Australia’s public service

What will the Asian Century mean for public administration in Australia? This probably isn’t the first question that occurs to people pondering the implications of shifting economic and political power…
Australia must resolve numerous social, economic and environmental obstacles if it wants to reap the benefits of the Asian Century. Image from

Charting a sustainable future will be fraught with challenges in the Asian Century

Governments are forever immersed in the daily challenge of responding to what the former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan once knowingly described as “events.” It was he who coined the resounding…
Mining is a major regional activity - yet as we ready ourselves for the Asian century, very little research has been undertaken on other growth opportunities in these areas.

Where is regional Australia in our Asian Century future?

A stocktake of research conducted into regional development in Australia shows that we are failing to do sufficient research on opportunities for sustainable growth and prosperity in regional Australia…
President Barack Obama addressing a large crowd at University of Wisconsin – could he or his competitor Mitt Romney change higher education in Australia? EPA/Tannen Maury

Why the US election matters for Australian higher education

US presidential elections generally have little direct impact on Australia. And broadly speaking, this campaign is shaping up to be no different. Despite their ideological differences, Barack Obama and…
We’ve been told our incomes should grow in the Asian century; but first we need a “soft” landing from the heights of our resources boom and more sustainable ways of growing our economy. Dmitri Ometsinsky/

Ross Garnaut: will the Asian Century reboot our debate on growth?

The Australia in the Asian Century White Paper is the first large-scale official look in the 21st Century at economic change in Asia and how it affects Australian opportunities and challenges. It is ambitious…
Older universities are at a clear advantage in certain rankings – Monash University’s Vice-Chancellor Ed Byrne explains why. University image from

Asian century goal relies on unjust rankings for universities

The Asian century white paper – released this week – presents a clear vision for the role of Australian universities in building links with Asia. To underscore this, the government announced a new target…
Asian languages are important, but they should be one part of a greater focus on Asia in the curriculum. Asian image from

Across the curriculum: access to Asian languages isn’t everything

Despite the breadth of issues in the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper released this week, so far the debate has focused largely on language learning in schools. With fewer and fewer students…
Australia is all for engaging with India. But are we willing to pay? EPA/Anindito Mukherjee

Australia has to fund the Asian century, whether we like it or not

It will take some time for the full detail of the Asian Century White Paper to be digested by the public and elaborated by the government, especially by Craig Emerson as the designated Asian century minister…
Paucity of detail on foreign policy indicates the Federal Government’s approach to the Asian Century is more about using Asia as a foil to promote domestic reforms.

Asian Century White Paper is a foreign policy fail, but not by accident

For a policy document purporting to map out future directions for Australia in the so-called “Asian Century”, the recently released White Paper pays remarkably scant regard to foreign policy. Several chapters…
The Asian Century White Paper offers a lot of grand rhetoric, but little in the way of serious policy ideas. AAP

Asian Century White Paper is big on rhetoric, small on ideas

The Australia in the Asian Century White Paper has vaulting ambitions equally matched by a limited set of policy ideas for institutional reform. Unlike Ross Garnaut’s 1989 report, Australia and the Northeast…
The Asian Century will present Australia with economic opportunities, as well as significant challenges. shutterstock

In the Asian Century, there’s no such thing as success without sacrifice

By 2025, Asia will account for nearly half of world output. Even under conservative growth scenarios, three out of the world’s five largest economies will be in Asia. By the same year, income per person…
India faces many challenges as it rises to prominence in the Asian century. EPA/Jagadeesh NV

India gains its rightful place in the Asian century white paper

The Australia in the Asian Century White Paper places India in a position of much greater significance than it has previously achieved in our national consciousness. After decades of neglect and even a…
The white paper sets high standards for Australian universities in the Asian Century. AAP/Paul Miller

Asian century white paper sets tricky targets for universities

In the slip-stream of the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper, released by Julia Gillard yesterday, there is a one-off opportunity to evolve new programs, open up and engage in Asia at scale. Many…
The Gillard government has a long road ahead of it to enact the recommendations of the Asian Century White Paper. AAP/Paul Miller

Asian century white paper talks the talk, can Australia walk the walk?

Ken Henry’s team has provided a detailed and useful blueprint for future action in the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper. But the government will need to ramp up its domestic efforts to improve…

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