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Perhaps you might enjoy this list of movies and videos that look at ways contemporary Sydney has been fictionally invaded or destroyed on the big screen. Ross Fowler

Australia Day: a survivor’s film guide

It seems to me no coincidence that in Australian popular culture our founding colony is usually the site of major onscreen attacks. Might this speak of cultural guilt and repressed truths?
This nation has a history that extends well beyond the past 227 years. AAP/Joe Castro

The day I don’t feel Australian? That would be Australia Day

If there is ever a day that I don’t feel Australian, it would be on Australia Day. My mother is a fifth-generation Australian of English and Irish heritage and my father is Munanjahli and an Australian-born…
Australians have high levels of national pride and belonging – much higher than for many comparable countries. EPA/Barbara Walton

Australia, a place of belonging and pride – and some telltale fractures

Every year, come January 26, Australia Day revives the annual dialogue around notions of national identity, our values and what it means to be Australian. It’s an opportune time to reflect on the findings…
Get your telescopes ready for a rare close encounter with an asteroid this Australia Day. Flickr/Ryan Wick

Giant asteroid makes its closest pass of Earth on Australia Day

Clear skies this Australia Day could give observers a rare look at a giant asteroid flying past Earth at 56,000kmh. The asteroid…
The progressive side of politics in Australia needs to embrace the nation and nationalism in order to achieve lasting change. AAP/Lukas Coch

Australia Day: is nationalism really so bad?

Australian flag boxer shorts and bikinis, an annual political stoush about who was named Australian of the Year (and who was overlooked) and a binge-drinking holiday to mark the destruction of one of the…
We could be celebrating an anthem with words most other English speakers don’t understand. Dan Peled/AAP

How Advance Australia Fair waltzed with Matilda and won

Australia Day looms. Across the country, ceremonies large and small will stand for the national anthem. Lots of golden soil, nature’s gifts and girting by sea. The national anthem is ubiquitous now at…
Thousands will take part in citizenship ceremonies this Australia Day, but to what set of values are they pledging loyalty? Wikimedia Commons

A day to celebrate the nation, its people and our multicultural values

This Australia Day, thousands of migrants and refugees will stand proudly and pledge their loyalty to Australia and its people at citizenship ceremonies around the nation. The citizenship pledge is considered…
Australians draping themselves in the flag is part of the rise of a more jingoistic nationalism, which often rides on an ugly undercurrent of racism. AAP/Damian Shaw

Australia Day nationalism walks in the footsteps of ugly precedents

The decision by Aldi and Big W last week to remove their government-approved Australia Day T-shirts from sale followed a social media-led backlash against the slogan on the shirts: “Australia Est. 1788…
Steve Irwin may be more famous, but corvids are among our most successful expats. Chris73/Wikimedia

Stone the crows! Could corvids be Australia’s smartest export?

Among birds, crows and ravens (or corvids) are the most intelligent. They have the largest brains for body size; they’re more like primates than birds. In fact, some people call them “flying monkeys…
Australia’s demographic make-up is changing rapidly. AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Like it or not, we’re more diverse than ever this Australia Day

One of the sharpest divides in attitudes to Australia Day celebrations is between those who think of Australia as a nation of migrants and those who regard Australians as a unique people and culture. For…

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