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Unemployment figures don’t always tell the full story when it comes to the state of jobs in Australia. Joel Carrett/AAP

Business Briefing: jobs and growth in an election

Business Briefing: jobs and growth in an election.
What is the current state of jobs in this election campaign? This podcast explores what really creates jobs and whether or not politicians have much say in it.
Ratings agency Moody’s is worried about the trajectory of Australia’s government debt. Andrew Gombert/EPA/AAP

Vital Signs: spending away Australia’s Triple A?

This week the IMF warns of secular stagnation while Moody's ponders a credit downgrade for Australia if GST and negative gearing are not tackled.
The long campaigns of the US election give candidates more opportunities to come unstuck. Shawn Thew/EPA/AAP

Goldilocks and the economics of election campaigns

Longer campaigns suggest the government is confident in its ability to debate the issues, but also give it more chances to get caught out.
Is it fair to compare Australia’s economy to Greece’s? AAP/Paul Miller

Australia is not Greece, but its economy is obese and unfit

Australia is not Greece. There is no budget emergency in the sense of a patient flat-lining on the operating table. But Australia is like someone who is obese, unfit, and eating too much cheese.

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