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There is evidence Australia’s bank bill swap rate was manipulated: so what now for regulators? AAP/Dan Peled

Years on, ASIC still grappling with swap rate fixing scandal

The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow and nowhere slower than in the Sydney headquarters of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). A recent report appears to show that ASIC…
An about-face by the Australian Financial Markets Association on the way our bank bill swap rate is calculated comes as the US mortgage giant Freddie Mac filed a lawsuit alleging unlawful conduct by a number of investment banks. AAP

Is there egg on the RBA’s face?

Last week, the Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA), the investment bankers’ trade union, announced that it was changing the way that it calculated the Bank Bill Swap rate (BBSW), the Australian…
Under fire for manipulating the LIBOR rate, investment Bank UBS also tried to manipulate Australia’s local bill swap rate, say US regulators.

Don’t believe the hype; our own LIBOR scandal could be in the wings

Many months after the event, the Australian financial press has woken up to the fact that there was a financial scandal happening elsewhere. Worse still, it may also have happened here. The tabloid-like…

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