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Bike helmets

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The UK could be next in line to make cycling helmets mandatory. Tejvan Pettinger

Should the UK embrace mandatory bike helmet laws?

The bare-headed cycling movement has recently stirred from hibernation in the United Kingdom. Freedom to ride with the wind in their hair remains, but perhaps not for very much longer. The British Medical…
Mandatory helmets are seen as being good enough for motorcyclists, but what about pedal cyclists? Tom Gill

Bike helmets: an emergency doctor’s perspective

For those working on the frontline of trauma care, the findings of a report into the protective effects of helmets in cyclists and motorcyclists published in the Medical Journal of Australia last week…
There is currently no evidence to show helmets help prevent concussion or more serious head injury. AAP

Helmets won’t cure football’s concussion headache

We’ve heard a lot about concussion this AFL season, with claims that too many knocks to the head can cause mental illness, calls for more research into the possible link between football concussions and…
If helmets protect against brain injury, why not wear them?

Don’t be fooled, keeping bike helmets is best for health

Convincing more Australians to get on a bike would undoubtedly deliver health improvements that come with reduced waistlines. But ditching bike helmets isn’t the answer. The health benefits of more cycling…
The life expectancy gained from cycling to work outweighs the risks of ill health from pollution and injury.

Ditching bike helmets laws better for health

With epidemics of diabetes and obesity threatening to bankrupt state health budgets, governments need to broaden their strategies to encourage physical activity. Allowing cyclists to ride without a helmet…

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