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Steroid use is growing in Australia but not among the usual suspects. Jhong Dizon/Flickr

Scapegoating steroids won’t make for a safer night out

Steroids are easy to scapegoat. Users are viewed as aggressive, violent and mentally unstable, able to snap at any moment and cause great harm to the people around them. Ostensibly, it is this perception…
The market for men’s grooming products is doubling each year. Flickr: Alan Antiporda

Muscle mania: young men aren’t alone with body image concerns

Youth can be a difficult phase of life, as young people attempt to forge new identities, while facing challenges at school and in their social life. Many also experience pressure and stress related to…
Vaginal knitting – what’s the fuss? SBS2Australia

Casting off shame through vagina knitting

One of the unexpected consequences of publishing a book about vaginas is that when friends or acquaintances encounter anything to do with the female anatomy, they forward me a link. “Saw this and thought…
People with body dysmorphic disorder have an excessive fear of looking ugly or disfigured. DeeAshley/Flickr

Body dysmorphic disorder puts ugly in the brain of the beholder

When people think of mental problems related to body image, often the first thing that comes to mind is the thin figure associated with anorexia. Body dysmorphic disorder is less well known, but has around…
Media stories tend to use the image of a headless fatty as a stand-in for all fat people. Stocky Bodies

Media’s faceless fatties fuel society’s growing sizeism

Stories on street harassment are popping up across the fat-o-sphere. Popular bloggers such as the Fat Heffalump are sharing their stories; and Adipositivity Project founder Substantia Jones has created…
Skin lightening products promise a new and improved image. pedrosimoes

Time for a reality check on skin lightening creams

Western society’s obsession with skin tanning is well recognised but we’re often less aware of the aggressive pursuit of fair skin by those with darker skin. In communities where light skin is associated…
Some teenage boys hope this is true, but most others will be relieved to know it’s a myth. Dharion

Monday’s medical myth: shaved hair grows back faster and thicker

Hair removal is a modern obsession. Despite the economic downturn, the beauty industry is booming, and it seems that a big part of looking good is getting rid of unwanted hair. Men as well as women are…
The ideal of beauty embodied by models is unattainable for most people. AAP

The bane of the body beautiful

The first of the yearly “fashion weeks” has just ended in Melbourne. Along with the glamour and excitement, the models were out in force showcasing the latest fashion to the undivided attention of the…
Group therapy programs aim to counter the influence of these images and reduce body dissatisfaction. Flickr/jaimelondonboy

Feel manipulated? Anxious? Tune out the hype and learn to love your body

Welcome to part three of The science behind weight loss, a Conversation series in which we separate the myths about dieting from the realities of exercise and nutrition. Here, Professor Susan Paxton, from…

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Boys want average bodies

Most teenage boys want an average physique that doesn’t stand out, according to research from Concordia University and the…