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Francesco Botticini’s The Assumption of the Virgin shows the heavenly hierarchies at play.

Modern management’s angelic legacy is stuck in the past

One of the oldest assumptions about organising comes directly from the angels. In the 5th century, the mysterious theologian Pseudo-Dionysius wrote the definitive book on angelic hierarchies, Ecclesiastical…
Advocating greed is good.

The undue influence of US business schools

The latest ranking of business schools has just been released by the Princeton Review and a certain type of business school continues to dominate – American ones. Having earned their reputation over the…
Bunches of case studies on your doorstep. Flower Factor

Business schools should study flower shops, not blue chips

Legend has it that notorious American hold-up man Willie Sutton, who netted an estimated US$2m between the late 1920s and his final arrest in 1952, was once asked why he robbed banks. His reply: “Because…
From investment banking to turtle saving, MBAs have lots of options. ukanda

Fun, finance and fulfilment lures MBAs to the third sector

The sharp-suited MBA graduate with grand world-domination plans is a sterotype familiar to us all. He or she will probably head into a high pressured, well paid role in consulting or financial services…

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