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What do collections of dead butterflies do for their still-living counterparts? Andrew D Warren

Why we still collect butterflies

The dead animal specimens that comprise natural history collections contribute a lot toward scientific understanding of their still-living counterparts – and those that have gone extinct.

Butterfly family tree mapped

The “Tree of Lepidoptera” - comprising butterflies, moths and related species - has been mapped back to their earliest common…

Monarch butterflies navigate using magnetism

Monarch butterflies navigate using a light-dependent magnetic compass. Patrick Guerra from University of Massachusetts Medical…
Dusty museum collections’ evidence of the past hold clues to the future. Heather Kharouba

A century of museum records reveal species’ changing lives

Natural history museum records are most often associated with preserved specimens, kept with information about the place and time of collection. From these we can generate a record of a species’ geographical…

Robot flying bugs mimic butterflies

Engineers have been studying the movement of butterflies to help refine the behaviour of small airborne robots. The researchers…

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