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Heart attacks damage important muscles but now scientists think that a special protein can awaken the stem cells that grow new muscles. Flickr

Fixing a broken heart with stem cells

Vital heart muscles damaged during cardio arrest can be replaced by stem cells within the organ with the help of a special protein, scientists have discovered. Heart attacks cause dangerous damage to muscle…
People who exercise have a smaller risk of heart attacks despite larger salt intake. lululemon athletica/flickr

Sodium study should be taken with a large pinch of salt

A recent article has questioned received wisdom regarding the adverse impact of salt on health. Unfortunately, naïve researchers and journal editors looking to stir up a controversy are confusing this…
People in the developing world are more likely to have lifestyle and infectious diseases. AAP

How to combat the deadly epidemic of lifestyle disease

On Sunday, China banned smoking in public places such as restaurants, bars and other indoor spaces. But a lack of public understanding about the dangers of smoking in the nation of 300 million smokers…

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