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Cell growth

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Salamanders give clues to how we might regrow human limbs

Humans have some regenerative abilities but compared to creatures like the salamander, which has an amazing ability to regenerate after injury, we’re pretty limited. Not only are salamanders the only adult…
How does a hippo know it should be big? PA/David Cheskin

Hippos and bumblebee bats can teach us about cancer

Mammals display an incredible diversity in size. The largest mammal, the blue whale, can grow up to 30m long and weigh up to 200 tonnes. Now compare that to the Bumblebee bat, which is 3cm long and weighs…

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A new dimension of cell growth research

Cell growth has been given another dimension as researchers learn to measure and classify the shapes cells take in different…

Discovery into plant immunity

An important cog in the molecular machinery of plant immunity discovered by researchers could help ensure food security…

Human cells know when to zip it

We’ve known for a while that human cells “talk” to one another, but new research has found thy know when to shut up, too…

Salmonella finds new way to harm

New research shows salmonella bacteria have modified, attacking the protein-building process to sustain its capacity to create…