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The real background would be too polluted. EPA/Petar Kujundzic

What next for China after historic climate deal?

The joint US-China announcement on tackling climate change has been described as “historic”, a “turning point” and a “positive signal”. It has also been written off as insubstantive or even “hype”. The…
China is playing its own game of anti-monopoly. 铁蛋骑士/Flickr

Multinationals on notice as China plays monopoly card

If multinationals operating in China were not already aware China has a competition law and is not afraid to use it, events of the past few weeks should have prompted them to call their lawyers and ask…
The tiger, felled: Zhou Yongkang. EPA/Anindito Mukherjee

Taking down a big tiger won’t end China’s ingrained corruption

Chinese premier Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption purge has really started to hit its stride – and by announcing an investigation into Zhou Yongkang, one of the most influential figures in the Chinese Communist…
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang took to the stage Wednesday to present a blue-print for further market reforms. EPA/Wu Hong

China, promising reforms, pushes enterpreneurship

China’s Premier, Li Keqiang, presented his annual Work Report to the National People’s Congress on Wednesday, and the media dutifully reported the big ticket items: a 7.5% GDP growth target for 2014 and…
Australian firms fear Abbott may sign anything to get Xi Jinping’s name on the dotted line.

An FTA with China in 12 months is a big ask

Forget APEC. That is so 1997. Prime Minister Abbott has recently established an ambitious – not to mention exceedingly optimistic – deadline of 12 months to conclude a Free Trade Agreement with China…
All heat and light: we need action on climate not rhetoric and finger-pointing. Owen Humphreys/PA

China can teach the West about tackling climate change

China has become a popular target of environmental ire, drawing criticism for its soaring carbon emissions and perceived intransigence during climate negotiations. Nonetheless, an easy target isn’t always…
The looming joint exit of Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao will significantly affect all aspects of policy. AAP

China’s leadership transition: a fight behind closed doors

As the once-in-a-decade transfer of political power in China looms, the consequences for the country’s foreign policy, economic development, political reform, and military affairs is hard to overstate…
Chinese women have always worked, but now they’re making waves in business. Flickr/IISG

The ‘Tiger Girls’ doing business in China

There’s a new generation of women quietly getting things done in China. They are insiders: well connected in the Communist Party, and flourishing in the business world. In Chinese, capable and shrewd women…
While the US is finding its footing, China is looking to expand its global economic power by pushing for the renminbi importance in international transactions. Fotopedia/Philip Roeland

How the West’s money problems could hasten global power shift

The downgrading of US debt by Standard & Poor’s may sound the starting gun for an enduring rebalancing of global economic power. For decades, investors worldwide sought the safety of US government…

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