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Our brains make judgements about images before we’re even aware of making a decision. A Health Blog/Flickr

How to help take control of your brain and make better decisions

This is the first article in a series, How we make decisions, which explores our decision-making processes. How well do we consider all factors involved in a decision, and what helps and what holds us…
Targeting cognition through the body. Cognition by Shutterstock

We can restore cognition by manipulating where the body meets the mind

When we age our whole body gradually deteriorates. This includes our brains, where our personality, memories and personal values reside. It is therefore understandable that dementia and memory loss are…
Why do you always forget to buy milk? Sunfox

Are women and men forever destined to think differently?

The headlines The Australian: Male and female brains still unequal The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis: Gender disparities in cognition will not diminish The Economist: A variation…
Are we turning a corner in our understanding of the brain? Abode of Chaos

From lost memories to brain drugs, a neuroscientist explains

The Conversation organised a public question-and-answer session on Reddit in which Barbara Sahakian, professor of Clinical Neuropsychology at Cambridge University, discussed subjects from depression to…

Yawning acts to cool the brain

Yawning acts to cool the brain, according to a new study. Researchers recorded yawning habits of people in Vienna, Austria…
Will your research help my son catch a train? mattcornock

Autism research isn’t helping people live with daily reality

In the summer of 2010 as England was being knocked out of the World Cup in South Africa, something all together more hopeful was happening in London. A group of scientists, social researchers, parents…
Will you ever be able to forgive yourself? Psychologists say yes. wlef70

Cheaters use cognitive tricks to feel good about themselves

Most people believe that they are moral and good. They also believe cheating on a partner is wrong. So how do cheaters live with themselves after their infidelity? Understanding how they reconcile their…
Measuring animal intelligence is extremely complex, yet some animals may be smarter than we think. Rader of Gin

Are animals as smart, or as dumb, as we think they are?

Does my dog only think of eating, sleeping and chasing squirrels? Does my girlfriend’s cat really have the capacity to plot my accidental death? Are cows just walking hamburgers and pigeons intent on world…
Younger people are worse at adjusting their perception of risk after warnings than older people, the study showed. amandasause

Youngsters learn more from good news than dire warnings

It’s no secret that many children and teenagers see themselves as immune to the risk of accidents and injury. Now, new research…
The evidence to support brain-training programs is too thin to be trialling them in our school system. Brain image from

Brain-Training’ … or learning, as we like to call it

The Catholic Education Office in Sydney has announced that from 2013 it will trial the controversial Arrowsmith Program for children with learning difficulties. Arrowsmith is one of a number of “brain-training…
It’s obvious: better referee performance is better for players and better for spectators. Right? AAP Image/Joe Castro

Sports referees should take performance-enhancing drugs

Late last week football (soccer) website reported that FIFA, the international governing body for the world game, is considering forcing referees to pass fitness tests prior to games. This…

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