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FARC members passing time, waiting for the peace negociations in a camp in Colombia. John Vizcaino/Reuters

From Peru to Colombia: the silenced voices of women fighters

Women's involvement in armed conflict in Peru and Colombia has a deep impact on societies. But peace processes and political aftermath rarely recognise their role.
Imprisoned members of FARC at the camp where they will ratify a peace deal with the government. REUTERS/John Vizcaino

Will Colombia’s peace deal get the people’s vote?

The peace deal in Colombia is not only a welcome surprise after 50 years of war, it's also groundbreaking. If Colombians vote in favor, it could offer hope for other countries in conflict.
Dale una oportunidad a la paz. Reuters/John Vizcaino

Is Colombia finally on the verge of lasting peace?

Colombia has set up a new peace process to secure justice for hundreds of thousands of victims of the FARC. But it's tried and failed at this approach before.
Cuban President Castro holds the hands of Colombia’s President Santos and FARC rebel leader Rodrigo “Timochenko” Londono. Havana, September 23 2015. Alexandre Meneghini/REUTERS

Could the peace deal in Colombia be a model for other conflicts?

The peace deal in Colombia is not only a welcome surprise after 50 years of war, it's also groundbreaking. That offers hope for other countries in conflict.
Drug lord Pablo Escobar was regarded as one of the most powerful entities within Latin America, but his legacy remains the subject of debate. Thierry Ehrmann

Pablo Escobar and the legacy of drug warfare in Latin America

Even today, some 20 years after his death, there is still debate in Colombia on how to interpret the mythology surrounding feared drug lord Pablo Escobar and his Medellín Cartel. Escobar was regarded as…
Progress may have been slow, but the signs are there that Colombian revolutionary guerilla group the FARC may be finally willing to negotiate with the government. EPA/Christian Escobar Mora

Colombia’s crunch time: is the war with the FARC coming to an end?

Last month marked the one year anniversary of peace talks between the Colombian government and the western hemisphere’s oldest and strongest insurgency – the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (the…

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