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Some financial advisers are greedy, but others simply have a bias problem. Shutterstock

What behavioural economics tells us about financial adviser greed

There’s no doubt incentives matter for financial advisers. If an employer pays a higher commission to an adviser for selling one product instead of another, it’s likely the commission-linked product will…
Australia’s employee fraud problem needs a new approach. Shutterstock

Making companies pay for failing to prevent employee fraud

The high cost of organisational fraud in both private and public sectors in Australia continues to haunt organisations, particularly fraud committed by “trusted” employees. Cases prosecuted this month…
The independence of CBA’s Open Advice Review program has been called into question. Dean Lewins/AAP

Commonwealth Bank inquiry will need to be robustly independent

It clearly took some courage (and a lot of persuasion from powerful friends) to convince Ian Narev, the Chief executive of the Commonwealth Bank to respond to widespread demands and front the media with…
Commonwealth Bank CEO Ian Narev said the bank’s review process will be independent. Dean Lewins/AAP

Commonwealth Bank ‘truly sorry’, but independent review doubts

Commonwealth Bank of Australia chief Ian Narev has apologised for breaching customer trust after evidence emerged of serious…
The spotlight is on the David Murray’s Financial System inquiry following a report critical of the Commonwealth Bank and Australia’s corporate regulator. AAP/Joel Carrett

No Royal Commission; but banks not too big to be held to account

The Senate inquiry in the actions of the Commonwealth Bank and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission has drawn a line in the sand, holding the banks and financial advisers to account for…
The Commonwealth Bank and ASIC may face a Royal Commission. AAP/Dan Peled

Call for Commonwealth Bank, ASIC to face Royal Commission

A senate inquiry has called for the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) and Australia’s corporate regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), to be investigated by a Royal Commission. The…
Commonwealth Bank chief Ian Narev announces a record full-year profit of A$7.8 billion, ahead of this week’s $2.1 billion quarterly result. Paul Miller/AAP

Bank profits grow, and so does the criticism. Who’s right?

Like most companies, banks report their profits twice a year. Each time the majors report we see headlines about the size of the profits and implicit or explicit criticism of the amount – this time about…
Complex legal structures between countries, known as “hybrid” tax, legally minimise tax but represent a significant challenge for governments. Image sourced from

Chasing tax across countries: A test case

There has been a lot in the news lately about the low tax paid by some multinational corporations, including Starbucks and Google. These multinationals say that they are complying with the tax laws of…

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