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It’s one thing for a country’s academics to produce great research – but what’s the point if ordinary citizens can’t access it? Shutterstock

Why it’s getting harder to access free, quality academic research

South Africans' access to important knowledge and research is incredibly limited. In this time of Open Access, why is this the case – and will it ever change?
Sharing is caring – especially with government documents. Jason Staten/Flickr

Budget papers are free to share, thanks to Creative Commons

Amid the intense discussion surrounding the release of the Australian government’s budget 2014-2015 one notable feature of the budget documents has seemingly gone unremarked by most commentators. The budget…
In only a little more than a decade, Creative Commons has been implemented by more than 60 countries. opensourceway/Flickr

Explainer: Creative Commons

The digital age has presented many and diverse challenges for copyright law. The rapid uptake of digital, networked technologies led to widespread online distribution of content, as well as the emergence…
Art historians have welcomed the National Portrait Gallery’s move to make images available for academic use. AAP

Art historians welcome open approach to image copyright

Britain’s National Portrait Gallery has opened up its image database to allow free downloads for non-commercial and academic…

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