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In a stage-managed moment organised by the Prime Minister’s Office, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison walk together to a car taking them to the airport. Pat Hutchens

The implosion of Turnbull’s ‘big idea’ will raise further doubts about his substance and style

Premiers and chief ministers on Friday delivered a humiliating public blow to Malcolm Turnbull, bluntly telling him they didn’t want even to think about his “big idea” to allow them to raise income tax…
With TAFE education under a cloud, the future of VET funding is vitally important. AAP/Julian Smith

VET funding can’t be fixed by sidelining TAFE

A leaked paper suggests that the federal government should take over funding VET courses. But it's a path we should tread with great caution.
Bill Shorten sees a fresh opportunity to re-assert Labor as the Gonski saviour. Joel Carrett/ AAP

Labor’s struggle to remain ‘the education party’

Funding is one of the few areas Labor has left to distinguish itself from the Coalition when it comes to school policy at the national level.
Manchester Town Hall. Will education be part of greater devolution? Dave Wood Liverpool Images

Don’t leave schools out of new deals for city regions

It’s 25 years since the abolition of the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA). Its passing marked a turning point: local control over education in Britain has never been the same again. Now plans led…
Education Minister Christopher Pyne thinks of education as a cost to government, but really it’s an investment. AAP

Pyne misses the point in education reform

Tonight’s budget will produce few surprises for education funding. The deregulation of university fees, increased support for independent public schools, re-prioritised research funding and a commitment…
The largest language promotion project the world has ever seen? Chinese teacher/Shutterstock

Why China wants African students to learn Mandarin

While China’s dramatic economic and trade impact on Africa has caught global attention, there has little focus on its role in education. But there are important questions raised by China’s education push…
Efforts to improve Indigenous students’ academic results aren’t working. AAP

Indigenous education results show need for needs-based funding

Results from the latest Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) show that the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students has remained the same for the last decade. PISA 2012: How Australia…
Education is well financed in Australia but a number of inefficiencies need to be addressed. AAP Image/Julian Smith

Securing Australia’s future: education

SECURING AUSTRALIA’S FUTURE: As the Commission of Audit reviews government activity and spending, The Conversation’s experts take a closer look at key policy areas tied to this funding – what’s working…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard is promoting her government’s schools funding plan – but should the same model be applied to university funding too? AAP Image/Dan Peled

Should we copy Gonski in higher education funding?

The Australian Education Bill, introduced to the parliament last week, sets out the government’s Gonski reforms to school funding. One of the reform’s key tenets is that extra money should go to schools…
MOOC graduates would throw their laptops in the air instead. Chris Ison/PA

MOOCs or campus? In the future, you choose

A napster moment; the end of boring lectures; a tipping point. These are all common responses to the emergence of MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses. Now, simply using a laptop or iPad, hundreds of thousands…
Another funding shake-up: the University of South Queensland and others are concerned about cuts to student funding and scholarships. USQ/Grace Yu

Students to pay the price for reduced university funding

Losing A$200 a student doesn’t sound like a major cut for a multi-billion-dollar industry - so will the new university funding…
Tertiary education minister Craig Emerson yesterday announced significant changes to higher education funding. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Should universities suffer to pay for school funding?

Anyone believing new tertiary education minister Craig Emerson was just minding the higher education shop until the election has been proved wrong by this weekend’s announcement of funding cuts. About…
New reports show Australian education is slipping, but what can be done about it? Education image from

Test shock: is our education system failing students?

The results of international literacy, numeracy and science tests released this week should be cause for alarm. In what the minister for education Peter Garrett called “disappointing” results, the Progress…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard wants Australia to improve its international standing in education performance, setting a goal to be in the top 5 by 2025. AAP

New reports sound alarm on school performance: experts respond

Two new education performance reports released by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) have painted a bleak…

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