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The decision on your doorstep. Peter Turner Photography/shutterstock

Why you should care about the local elections

Local elections are taking place across 124 councils in England and will probably have a big impact on the day-to-day issues that most people care about.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fields questions from reporters in Dover, New Hampshire. Brian Snyder/Reuters

When covering elections, journalists face a debilitating dilemma

A partisan media landscape has made it almost impossible for journalists to avoid charges of bias when calling out a candidate's dishonesty.

Are Elections Ruining Democracy?

The Flemish historian and writer David Van Reybrouck has recently triggered a minor sensation in the Low Countries by insisting that Western democracies are suffering so much election fatigue (electoral…
President Jacob Zuma surprised South Africans by offering to pay back public money spent on his private home. Reuters/Nic Bothma

Zuma’s about-turn suggests South Africa faces another unhinged political year

Jacob Zuma has backtracked on two major decisions in under two months – first after he fired his finance minister; now he says he’ll pay back public money spent on his lavish Nkandla homestead.

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