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The world’s thinnest, strongest and most conductive material – graphene – can boost energy storage capacity by almost threefold. Argonne National Laboratory

Chunky mobile devices? Soft graphene could help you downsize

Assuming you are geeky enough to open up any mobile device on the market – a phone, tablet or laptop - the most glaringly obvious component of the device is the battery: it generally consumes up to (if…
Electrifying stuff: your clothes could power your gadgets - and soon. Stephen Poff

Smarty pants: wearable electronics will recharge your life

Imagine having a wafer-thin touchscreen on your sleeve which, like a scene out of a Philip K. Dick novel, gives you all the functionality of a smartphone without the awkwardness of a cumbersome battery…

Transient electronics are here to stay

Tiny electronic devices implanted into living tissue can dissolve harmlessly when they’re no longer needed. A team from the…
Transistors have continued shrinking, but how much further can they go? Jenn and Tony Bot

Meeting of miniatures: technology is at a critical junction

It’s early morning, you’re preparing for the day ahead and thinking about life’s important conundrums. Is there enough muesli left for the week? Do you have enough time to catch the bus? Are you going…
The mechanisms that make some fish hard to see could be used in next-generation electronics. mattieb

‘Invisible’ fish could light the way to better optical devices

Imagine setting up mirrors in a circle around you, the shiny sides all facing outwards to reflect your surroundings. To the casual observer you would appear to be “invisible”, blending into the environment…

First nano-scale optical circuit built

The first electronic circuit to replace electric current with lightwaves has been built by researchers at the University…

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