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Greens leader Natalie Bennett at the party’s manifesto launch. Alastair Grant/AP

Manifesto Check: the Green Party’s top policies

Our experts review the evidence behind the Green Party's big ticket policies.
Miliband appealed to spooked businesses with a warning about the EU. Chris Radburn/PA

How credible is Ed Miliband’s Europe gambit?

Opening his campaign, Miliband warned an EU referendum would be bad for business. But not holding one could have serious consequences too.
‘No, you love Juncker more.’ Paul Rogers/PA

Labour and the Lib Dems are crashing the Eurosceptic party

As prime minister David Cameron works on the finishing touches of his much-awaited speech on Europe and immigration he is under considerable pressure from his backbenchers and some frontbenchers to signal…
Option 5: Put up a really big wall? Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Cameron’s four options for restricting EU migration

David Cameron made a play for Eurosceptic hearts during his speech to the Conservative Party conference by promising to put the free movement of EU citizens at the heart of his renegotiation strategy in…

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