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Frances McDormand used her win at the 2018 Oscars to talk about inclusion riders: clauses stars can write into their contracts to improve screen diversity. But are they legal in Australia? Paul Buck/EPA

The case for ‘inclusion riders’ in creative industries: what Australian discrimination law says about quotas

Inclusion riders can improve employment for women and minorities on film sets by calling for quotas. New research suggests this form of discrimination could be legal in Australia.
Harvey Keitel in Reservoir Dogs (1992). Live Entertainment

Explainer: the rules for shooting on film sets

The death of a stuntman while filming a music video in Brisbane has thrown a spotlight on film set safety. Licensed armourers follow strict safety procedures while filming - but firing blanks can still be dangerous.
Many Australian films have significant cultural capital that should also be considered when measuring their level of success. Shutterstock

Speaking with: David Tiley on funding Australian films

Speaking with: David Tiley on funding Australian films. CC BY-ND23.2 MB (download)
Vincent O’Donnell speaks with David Tiley, editor of ScreenHub magazine, about financing film production in Australia and looking beyond box office numbers to measure a film's success.
Got a problem with your script? This man, script consultant Robert McKee, can save it. AAP Image/dmcpr media

It’s not working! Script consultants are the go-to gurus for film

If you’ve seen Brian Cox playing Robert McKee in the 2002 film Adaptation, you probably know what a script consultant does. Following in the footsteps of other internationally-renowned script consultants…
Screen production can enhance our understanding of the complexities of human experience. locrifa/

Should film-making count as research? That’s debatable

In the film industry, research is commonly understood as audience research. Films, in contrast, are entertainment or a form of audiovisual communication. But can film-making also be a form of academic…
Light levels in film have markedly declined from 1935. Mirjaleed Biteng

Explainer: film lighting

Lighting is a fundamental property of cinema. So called “writing in light”, photographed images, whether live-action or cell animation, need illumination. It is the most essential part of a cinematographer’s…
‘PINEWOOD’: soon to be emblazoned on a British hillside.

Pinewood expansion: now is the time for British film to be brave

If someone asked you to think of a British film, what would come to mind? For some years now, the most likely answer would have been any of the select but powerful band of little films that made good on…
A rich and complex mise-en-scène activates the viewers’ entire sensorium. American Hustle, courtesy Roadshow Entertainment

Explainer: mise-en-scène

Out of all the intoxicating phrases that emerge from the study of film, my personal favourite is mise-en-scène, translated from French to mean: what is in the frame. The phrase conjures up the splendour…
The producer’s work does not finish with the film’s theatrical release. garryknight

Explainer: what does a film producer do?

If you step back from the perceived glamour of the feature-film industry for a moment and look at it through dispassionate eyes it becomes obvious it’s really about creating a new product and taking it…
Films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel offer more than style over substance. Fox Searchlight

Wes Anderson is one of cinema’s great auteurs: discuss

Ford or Welles, Scorsese or Coppola, Altman or Campion? One of the most passionate cinema conversations we can enter into is discussing the work of a director we’re heavily invested in. The talk can get…
Lighting and CGI creates interiors reminiscent of Caravaggio. HBO

Game of Thrones is the Holy Grail of TV production

With the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones (GoT) upon us, many of us will once again escape to the mythical land of Westeros. And we’ll do so thanks to a vast array of international locations and…
It’s not just money that emerging filmmakers need – they also need help getting their work screened. vancouverfilmschool

My low-budget film? I don’t need money, I need a distribution deal

Earlier this year The Conversation published an article by Rebecca Mostyn about the audience for Australian films. The article includes useful stats pertaining to Screen Australia’s slate of feature films…

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