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Indonesian Air Force military police officers with the flight data recorder from AirAsia flight QZ8501. EPA/ Bagus Indahono

Answers needed from the flight recorders of Air Asia flight QZ8501

Now the flight data recorders from Air Asia flight QZ8501 have been found investigators have a chance to find out what really brought down the aircraft with 162 passengers and crew on board. Divers have…
The evidence is out there, waiting to be found. Igor Kovalenko

Here’s how you find out who shot down MH17

More than a month has passed since Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed with the loss of all 298 lives on board. But despite the disturbances at the crash site near the small town of Grabovo, near Donetsk…
Australian Navy vessel Ocean Shield left Perth yesterday to join the search for missing flight MH370 and its black box flight recorders. AAP/Tim Clarke

Under the deep blue ocean: the search for MH370’s black box

As the effort to find Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 moves inexorably towards the recovery stage, the challenge of finding the plane’s flight recorder (called the “black box” even though it’s actually…

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