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Jolly good. Now, about that small matter… Paul Rogers/PA Wire

Explainer: what political clout does Prince Charles have?

A matter concerning Prince Charles, letters written to government ministers and a bid by the Guardian to make them public has been playing out in British courts and the media for the past few years. It…
Make the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns known and we’ll all be better off. David Shankbone

Make surveillance work for the people: let them spy back

Privacy – in our bedrooms, at work, on the street and on the internet – is important to everyone. But every week brings another story demonstrating the ongoing shredding of privacy that undermines those…
The Abbott government has reduced the information flow on asylum seeker arrivals to a weekly briefing. How has the mainstream media responded? AAP/Dan Himbrechts

A deafening silence: the media’s response to asylum secrecy

It is remarkable how complacent Australia’s media has been in response to the federal government’s brazenly cynical suppression of information about asylum seeker boat arrivals. There were a few indignant…

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