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Crowdsourcing sabotage makes the crowd less useful. C1ssou/Flickr

Crowdsourcing competitions often hijacked: study

Crowdsourcing competitions, popular with companies seeking to tap into groups of knowledge, are often diminished by malicious…
What negotiating tactics did Republican Speaker John Boehner employ in trying to outflank the Democrats in the standoff over the US government shutdown and debt ceiling? EPA/Michael Reynolds

Coming out on top: negotiation theory and the US government shutdown

The end of the two week-long US government shutdown appears imminent, and a temporary lift to the American debt ceiling is in place. But what do we know about the various theories of negotiation that underpinned…
Consumers are excited about the launch of the iPhone 5S - but the pricing game means bargains are unlikely. AAP

In the game of iPhone pricing, consumers are the losers

Game theory is a branch of strategic decision making that tries to predict how players in any strategic game are likely to act. It can be applied in many situations and it can also help to explain what…

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