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Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Climate Change Minister Greg Combet address a press conference on Sunday. A carbon tax package announced today includes compensation measures and a radical overhaul of income tax policy. ABC News24

The carbon tax: the experts respond

The Australian government announced on Sunday it would introduce a carbon tax at $23 a tonne next July, rising 2.5% annually plus inflation and moving to a market-based emissions trading scheme in 2015…
Is comparing Australia’s coal to Norway’s hydro a case of apples and oranges? Marcus Ramberg/Flickr

Australia v Norway: does Garnaut’s comparison add up?

Professor Ross Garnaut recently compared Australia and Norway in the context of climate change policy and a carbon tax. It is both curious that he should choose this comparison and that no journalist…
Not that large? $26 is the single most important number in Garnaut’s report. AAP

Is Garnaut’s $26 per tonne the right price for carbon?

The most important single number in the latest Garnaut Review is 26, the proposed starting value for the carbon tax, expressed in dollars per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted. By coincidence, this is exactly…

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