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CRISPR is a gene editing tool that can create permanent changes in the human genome. from

Experts call for halt to CRISPR editing that allows gene changes to pass on to children

Four months ago a researcher claimed he had used the tool CRISPR to edit the genomes of twin girls. Now prominent researchers and ethicists are calling for a temporary halt to this sort of work.
Laboratory-based genetic modification is relatively new when you consider the centuries of selective breeding that precedes it. IRRI Photos/Flickr

GM techniques: from the field to the laboratory (and back again)

Welcome to GM in Australia, a series looking at the facts, ethics, regulations and research into genetically modified crops. In this first instalment, Peter Langridge describes two GM techniques: selective…
Finding a tasty strawberry can be a bit of a lucky dip at times, but now the tasty gene’s identified it may be easier to consistently get satisfying strawberries. JD Hancock/Flickr

Genetics link found in search for sweet strawberries

If you’ve ever bitten into a strawberry and wondered why it doesn’t taste as sweet or as good as others in the punnet, you…
Imagine your DNA as strands of fairy lights – and if a globe blew, you could remove it and pop in another. kyz/Flickr

Explainer: what is genome editing?

Mistakes in the paper version of the Encyclopædia Britannica took a long time to correct – years often passed between revised editions – but these days editing information is much easier. In electronic…
Saving the Tasmanian Devil is one of many pressing preservation goals. Mandy Kennedy/AAP

Money in the gene bank: save the ‘Frozen Zoo’ and save species

You may have heard of Australia’s “Frozen Zoo” – the only facility of its kind on the continent – and that it’s facing funding difficulties. Why should you care about this? Let me explain. An increasing…

Creating genetic circuits

A synthetic circuit has been created out of bacteria genes and controlled by regulatory proteins. Researches built “AND…
Genetic modification for treating illness may be obligatory; the real question is where we draw the line. Fufue

Where should we draw the line on ‘designer’ babies?

Leafing through the popular press it’s easy to see that the baby industry is big business: designer labels in size 000; prams that deftly allow running parents to take baby along and pick up a single origin…

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