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Just 74 countries, mostly in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, carry 95% of the global maternal and child mortality burden. World Bank Photo Collection

Increasing aid by $5 per person could save millions of lives

Many women and children in poor countries still die, or suffer serious ongoing disability, for reasons that are entirely preventable. What’s more, developing countries face an emerging “epidemic” of non-communicable…
Volunteers take anti-TB medications to around 400 patients each month. Image from

People power: Mongolia’s battle against tuberculosis

Chinggis Khaan (or as he is known in many countries, Genghis Khan) is Mongolia’s national hero. The famous 12th and 13th century leader used considerable military and political savvy to build one of the…
Bill Gates is in Australia as part of efforts to secure funds for global health initiatives, particularly polio and malaria eradication. Gates Foundation

Polio eradication efforts need money and political commitment

Global health campaigner Bill Gates is in Sydney today to lobby prime minister Julia Gillard to spend more money on global health, particularly the fight against malaria and polio. But while money may…
Prescriptions for pain relief are easy to get in the UK but not if you live in certain countries. PA/Julien Behal

Pain-relief access crisis leaves millions suffering around globe

Ten percent of the world consumes 90% of the morphine. At first glance that’s just another statistic about haves and have nots. But it’s more stark than that - particularly if you have cancer in a country…
The Nigerian commissioner for health of Bauchi state, Dr Sani Malam (L), administers a polio vaccine to a Nigerian child during the launch of the national immunization drive in Nigeria on February 5, 2013. EPA/DEJI YAKE

Killing polio workers threatens grave global consequences

The murder of nine female health workers involved in child immunisation on February 8 in Kano (the largest city in northern Nigeria) is a chilling reminder that saving children’s lives is not a goal shared…
Is our distaste for toilet talk halting sanitation improvements in the developing world? Alan Porritt/AAP

Loosen up, it’s time to talk about toilets

Bodily waste can be an embarrassing subject, but one that most of us can avoid thanks to efficient toilets and sewers. Nevertheless, this embarrassment may be holding back improvements in sanitation where…
The world’s most vulnerable people continue to face massive health challenges.. EPA/ABIR ABDULLAH

Global health is in crisis and it’s a scandal of epic proportions

In 2012, few Australian women will die in childbirth and most infants will live beyond five years. While we recognise gender inequality still exists here, girls will go to school, will be literate and…
Protesters carry portraits of Osama bin Laden on his first death anniversary, during an anti-US rally in Quetta, Pakistan, 02 May 2012. Musa Farman/AAP

Nabbing Osama with a vaccine scam a threat to global health

We’ve been reminded this month of the United States’ success in finally finding Osama bin Laden. But one thing missing in the media coverage was the allegation that the CIA established a fake hepatitis…
Almost 90% of the world now has access to drinking water, but there is still a long way to go. barefoot photographers of tilonia/flickr

Is this progress? Watering down the Millennium Development Goals

Did you hear about the latest success for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)? Don’t be ashamed to say no – most of the world missed it with you. So what happened? You’ll remember that the MDGs are…
Bill Gates at the 2012 World Economic Forum, where he pledged further support for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. World Economic Forum

Corruption at the Global Fund? Don’t just blame the messenger!

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual gathering in picturesque Davos is always full of highest-level gossip, bellwether pronouncements, and – sometimes – significant insights. And from the global health…
The US has been in the lead of changing the rhetoric and practice of how the developing world gives aid. cea b d o/Flickr

Giving what it takes: healthy priorities emerge from independent review of aid

Ever since the global financial crisis, “value for money” has become the slogan of choice for international aid. The Americans have been in the lead, changing the rhetoric and practice of how they give…
Vaccines are history’s best public health tools but developing countries give low priority to health in their budgets. AAP

Gus Nossal: we can win the war against infectious disease, and here’s how

The Lancet, one of most prestigious medical journals in the world recently published a series of five papers on “the new decade of vaccines”. These were followed by a sixth paper – A call to action for…

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