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A US Chinook similar to the one involved in the gun battle of Takur Ghar. Flickr/The U S Army

Bad space weather may have caused fatal Afghan gun battle

Three American soldiers* may have died in Afghanistan’s battle of Takur Ghar because of disruptions caused by plasma bubbles – a form of space weather – according to a new study. Space weather is normally…
Lucky it’s pointing the wrong way this time. Nasa's Marshall Space Flight Center

Solar storms could lead to a global techno-meltdown

In 1859, from August 28 to September 2, we were given an important lesson about how vulnerable we are to the Sun’s power. The Carrington Event, named for the amateur astronomer who recorded it, Richard…
Four hours in A&E? Haven’t you got homes to go to? Rui Vieira/PA

Attacking GPs for A&E crisis ignores roots of the problem

Politicians and policy makers are blaming failures in out-of-hours GP care for the rising demand on accident and emergency (A&E) units. The number of attendances at A&E departments in England rose…
It’s now one of the world’s most commonly used tools, but what exactly is GPS? CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture

Explainer: what is GPS?

It’s a device used widely in cars, on smartphones and in fitness devices. But what exactly is GPS, and how is it able to pinpoint our exact location anywhere on Earth? How does it work? The Global Positioning…
Do we really need to track offenders from space? satellite image via

GPS monitoring may intrude on prisoners' privacy

GPS monitoring has been introduced as a potentially revolutionary technology to solve the problems that beset modern prisons - chronic overcrowding, uncontrolled costs, and the failure to correct behaviour…
The impact on society from the next solar maximum is predicted to be worse than the last. NASA

Divert power to shields – the solar maximum is coming

Over the past few months our planet has been impacted by an increasing number of solar explosions that have erupted from the sun’s surface. Even though next year’s predicted solar maximum – the period…
GPS technology is everywhere, but should we rely so heavily on it? 3D King/Flickr

GPS jamming could make you a casual terrorist

One consequence of the global rise of GPS (Global Positioning System), and its inherent ability to track and record information, is that people feel their privacy is cramped, their movements recorded…

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Fruit bats navigate with internal maps

Egyptian fruit bats use an internal, landmark-based map to navigate their local area, a new study has found. The discovery…