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Asteroidea Electrica, first prize winner by Adrianus Indrat Aria. Cambridge University

Engineering’s unexpected and microscopic beauty

We all know engineering is useful, functional, even ingenious. But the engineering photography competition we hold each year provides us a chance to wander outside its merely utilitarian aspects into dimensions…
There’s definitely room for improvement in night-vision goggle technology – and graphene could make a huge contribution. UK Ministry of Defence/Flickr

Looking at the future through graphene goggles

Graphene – an atom-thick sheet of carbon – has been touted as a new wonder material: it is stronger than steel and conducts electricity better than copper. In the journal Nature Nanotechnology today, my…
Will your smartwatch contain graphene? Samsung thinks so. Kārlis Dambrāns

Samsung heats up wearable tech race with graphene wafers

Samsung has had a mixed relationship with wearable technology to date but an announcement this week may put it ahead of the crowd. The South Korean firm made an early bid on the market with smartwatches…
Graphene is an exciting and lucrative new industry – so why isn’t the Australian government funding local commercial development? Hinkle Group

Graphene can pave the way for Australian manufacturing

Australian industries have reached a turning point. With old industries on the way out, the Australian manufacturing sector’s biggest challenge is to move from a low-cost mass production model to one that…
This beautiful symmetrical structure also holds the key to make better smartphones. argonne

Graphene made from DNA could change electronics

Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms, is being touted as the material that could change how electronics are made. But it’s difficult to make graphene in forms needed for electronics. Now, researchers…
The world’s thinnest, strongest and most conductive material – graphene – can boost energy storage capacity by almost threefold. Argonne National Laboratory

Chunky mobile devices? Soft graphene could help you downsize

Assuming you are geeky enough to open up any mobile device on the market – a phone, tablet or laptop - the most glaringly obvious component of the device is the battery: it generally consumes up to (if…
Graphene may have humble beginnings, but it’s becoming a major draw. qwertyuiop

From pencil to high-speed internet: graphene is a modern wonder

It inspired the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. It’s the best thermal conductor we know of. It’s a crystal stiffer than diamond, but able to stretch by 20% of its length, and can carry a current density one…

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