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Researchers are testing an equity-based model in emergency departments, mental health agencies and hospital units. (Shutterstock)

Equity in health care improves people’s health

When care is equity-oriented, patients report fewer depression and trauma symptoms, less chronic pain and improved quality of life.
Remote presence technology enables a medic to perform an ultrasound at the scene of accident. (University of Saskatchewan)

How robots are helping doctors save lives in the Canadian North

A remote medicine program in Saskatchewan allows acutely ill children and pregnant women to be treated by specialist doctors, without leaving their communities.
Some tropical diseases can be treated with very inexpensive daily treatments yet remain common. Avatar_023/

Why aren’t we curing the world’s most curable diseases?

A cure for many tropical diseases was discovered 30 years ago this month. The drug is donated by its manufacturer. Why are we still dealing with neglected tropical diseases?
Very high GP attenders cost Medicare an average of A$3,202 in 2012-13, compared to an Australian average of A$690. Tyler Olson/Shutterstock

Time for policy rethink as frequent GP attenders account for 41% of costs

As well as being responsible for a large share of total costs, people who visit the GP more often are more likely to live in the most disadvantaged areas, and to report being in poor health.
Social, environmental and economic forces affect a person’s health. Sander van der Wel.

The growing movement to increase health equity

It’s a story that wouldn’t normally make the headlines. A middle-aged man in a central Queensland town found himself stacking on a lot of weight unusually quickly. His blood pressure was on the rise, and…
Health services are ripe for evidence-based reform.

Six easy ways to improve health services

Each year $120 billion is spent on health services in Australia. But hardly any research is done to investigate whether this money is being used wisely. Only 2.8% of the funding for NHMRC project grants…
The package should reduce waiting times for people who are eligible for publicly-funded dental care. Luke Siemens

The $4b dental care program will tackle inequity but funding still in question

Since the government announced its $4 billion dental care program, attention has focused on how it will be funded and whether it is affordable. But if and when it is funded and implemented, the package…

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