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TGV POS, the world’s fastest train - but high speed rail won’t bring prosperity to the regions as quickly. bigbug21/Wikipedia

HS2 alone won’t address the north-south divide

A commitment to building a new wave of high-speed rail networks has emerged, such as HS2 in Britain. But given how costly they are, their wider impact has been under-investigated. It is little wonder that…
Arriving at a station near you (if you’re in Taiwan). jiadoldol/Flickr

Consider HS2 within wider networks to gauge true value

Transport megaprojects tend to make rather gloomy reading. The prevailing opinion, at least among social scientists, is that all big infrastructure projects share three characteristics: they take longer…

A view on: high-speed rail in Australia

Welcome to the second in our new series of video collaborations with SBS. In this episode, Dr Rico Merkert, Senior Lecturer in Aviation Management at the University of Sydney, gives his view on the Australian…
The European experience with high speed rail suggests there are trade-offs with aviation depending on the routes.

Is high speed rail in Australia value for money?

There is no doubt that the creation of a 1748-kilometre high-speed rail network connecting Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne is an exciting endeavour. But given the large capital costs - $114 billion…
So high speed rail might be a good investment, in future. It just might also be the worst of the possible rail projects to fund at this moment in time. AAP

Boondoggle or best thing we’ll ever do? What to make of high speed rail

Transport Minister Anthony Albanese today released the second phase report for Australia’s High Speed Rail Study. The AECOM report plots out a preferred route from Brisbane to Melbourne, predicts how many…
High speed rail travel could begin by 2035: but the plan comes with a price tag of $114 billion. shutterstock

Slow to arrive, but will high speed rail be worth the wait?

East coast Australian cities could one day be linked by high speed rail, but with a price tag of $114 billion and a 40 year…

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